Seeds, Clones & Teens

Seeds, clones, and teens are the building blocks of cannabis cultivation, representing the different stages of plant development. Seeds are the starting point, representing the genetic potential and diversity of the cannabis strain. Clones, on the other hand, are genetically identical replicas of a parent plant, ensuring consistency in traits and characteristics. Teens, or vegetative stage plants, are young plants that have been rooted or transplanted from clones or seeds and are in the early stages of growth before transitioning to the flowering stage. Each stage requires specific care and equipment to support healthy growth and prepare plants for a successful flowering phase. From propagation systems for clones to seed germination equipment, providing the right nurturing environment is essential to ensure strong and vibrant plants that will yield high-quality cannabis products.

Pheno Hunting
Pheno hunting is a crucial aspect of cannabis cultivation that involves identifying and selecting the best phenotype from a batch of seeds or clones. Phenotype refers to the observable traits and characteristics of a plant resulting from its genetics and environment. Pheno hunting is an iterative process where growers carefully observe and analyze various plants to identify those exhibiting desirable traits such as potency, aroma, yield, and disease resistance. By meticulously evaluating multiple plants, cultivators can discover unique and exceptional phenotypes that may become the foundation of future breeding projects or consistently produce high-quality cannabis products. Pheno hunting requires a keen eye, attention to detail, and the use of specialized equipment to accurately document and compare each plant’s performance, ultimately leading to the selection of the most outstanding cultivars for continued cultivation and propagation. This practice plays a vital role in advancing the genetic diversity and quality of cannabis strains and contributes to the continual improvement of the cannabis industry.


GTS works with some of the top farms and suppliers ensuring we offer the best genetics available. 

  • Genetic Diversity: We offer a wide selection of carefully curated cannabis strains, providing other farms with access to diverse genetics that can enhance their breeding programs and product offerings.

  • High-Quality Plants: Our cultivation practices and rigorous quality control ensure that we deliver only healthy and robust plants to other farms, reducing the risk of disease and ensuring a successful start to their cultivation process.

  • Pheno Hunting Expertise: Our skilled team of growers excels in pheno hunting, enabling us to identify and supply farms with exceptional phenotypes that exhibit desirable traits for specific market demands.

  • Consistency and Reliability: By providing clones from thoroughly vetted mother plants, we guarantee consistency in genetics and performance, helping other farms maintain a standardized and reliable product output.

  • Time and Resource Savings: Instead of investing resources in setting up their own propagation facilities, farms can save time and money by sourcing healthy clones from our well-established and optimized cultivation operation.

  • Customer Support: Our team of experts is readily available to assist farms with any cultivation-related questions or concerns, ensuring a smooth and successful integration of our plants into their operations.

  • Compliance and Documentation: We adhere to all industry regulations and provide farms with detailed documentation regarding the genetic lineage and characteristics of the supplied plants, facilitating compliance with local and regional requirements.

  • Innovation and Research: Through our continuous pheno hunting and breeding programs, we stay at the forefront of genetic advancements, offering farms access to the latest and most promising cultivars for their markets.

  • Long-Term Partnerships: We prioritize building strong and lasting relationships with our partner farms, working collaboratively to meet their specific needs and supporting their growth and success in the cannabis industry.

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