Racking & Trays

Racking and trays are essential components of a well-organized and efficient cannabis cultivation setup, ensuring optimal use of available space and seamless management of plants. Racking systems provide a sturdy and flexible framework for vertical cultivation, allowing growers to maximize their indoor space and cultivate more plants in a compact footprint. These systems are designed to support various growing mediums, such as pots, trays, or hydroponic setups, providing a scalable solution that can adapt to different growth stages. Trays, on the other hand, serve as practical platforms for individual plants, facilitating easy transportation and organization within the grow space. With various types of racking and trays available, cultivators can streamline their workflow, promote proper plant spacing, and create an efficient environment that ultimately leads to increased productivity and successful cannabis cultivation.

GTS Supplies a full range of racks and trays such as :

  • Vertical Racking Systems: Multi-tiered shelving designed to accommodate multiple levels of plant growth, optimizing floor space and light distribution.
  • Rolling Racks: Mobile racking units equipped with wheels for easy mobility, allowing growers to move plants for maintenance or different light exposure.
  • Stackable Racks: Racks that can be easily stacked on top of each other to further maximize vertical growing space.
  • Metal Racks: Sturdy and durable racking solutions made from metal materials, ensuring stability and longevity in commercial operations.
  • Plastic Trays: Durable and lightweight trays designed to hold pots or hydroponic systems, making it easy to move and reposition plants as needed.
  • Seedling Trays: Small, compartmentalized trays perfect for germinating seeds and cultivating young plants until they are ready for transplanting.
  • Flood Trays: Large trays used in hydroponic systems to hold nutrient solutions and provide a stable base for plant containers.
  • Drip Trays: Catch excess water runoff, preventing it from pooling on the floor and maintaining a clean grow space.
  • Reservoir Trays: Collect runoff from pots or hydroponic systems, allowing growers to recycle and reuse excess nutrient solution.

By incorporating efficient racking and trays into their cannabis cultivation operations, growers can optimize their space, improve workflow, and create a well-organized environment that fosters healthy plant growth and overall cultivation success.

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