When it comes to creating the perfect indoor environment for your cannabis cultivation, HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) systems, along with dehumidifiers, play a pivotal role. HVAC systems provide precise control over temperature and air circulation, ensuring a consistent and optimal climate throughout the grow space. Regulating temperature is crucial for avoiding stress to the plants and maintaining steady growth rates. Proper ventilation facilitated by the HVAC system promotes CO2 distribution, crucial for robust photosynthesis and healthy development. Additionally, dehumidifiers are indispensable in controlling humidity levels, preventing excess moisture that can lead to mold and mildew. These devices efficiently extract moisture from the air, creating a drier environment that protects the plants from potential diseases and boosts their overall vitality. With our advanced HVAC solutions and reliable dehumidifiers, you can cultivate cannabis with confidence, knowing that your indoor garden is nurtured by the perfect blend of climate control and moisture management. Witness your plants flourish as they enjoy the best possible environment for their growth journey.

GTS Supplies a full range of equipment such as :

HVAC Systems:

  • Split Systems: Consists of separate indoor and outdoor units, providing efficient cooling and heating for small to medium-sized grow spaces.
  • Packaged HVAC Units: All-in-one units designed for easy installation and ideal for larger grow rooms and commercial operations.
  • Mini-Split Systems: Ductless HVAC systems that offer flexible zoning and precise temperature control for specific areas within the grow space.
  • Central Air Conditioning: Traditional ducted HVAC systems suitable for larger indoor cultivation facilities.
  • Evaporative Coolers: Environmentally friendly cooling systems that use water evaporation to reduce temperatures.


  • Refrigerant Dehumidifiers: Use a refrigeration process to condense and remove moisture from the air, effective in various temperature ranges.
  • Desiccant Dehumidifiers: Utilize a desiccant material to absorb moisture, ideal for low-temperature environments and areas with specific humidity requirements.
  • Whole-Room Dehumidifiers: Powerful units capable of dehumidifying an entire grow room or large area.
  • Portable Dehumidifiers: Smaller units suitable for smaller grow spaces or for targeting specific areas with higher humidity levels.

By incorporating the right combination of HVAC systems and dehumidifiers, cannabis growers can maintain an optimal environment for their plants, ensuring consistent temperature, proper air circulation, and humidity control throughout the entire cultivation process.

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